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What Is Break Bulk Shipping?

break bulk logistics loaded on ship

Both break bulk shipping and bulk shipping describe methods in which cargo is loaded or unloaded from a ship. The choice of using either of these methods comes down to the type of cargo being handled. In this article, we contrast break bulk shipping with bulk shipping while exploring several distinct characteristics of break bulk shipping. Introduction to break bulk shipping A traditional method of loading goods and materials on ships, break bulk shipping arrangements

What Is RORO Shipping?

Roro ship loading vehicles

Roll-on, Roll-off (RORO) is a method of freight transportation that is used for speed efficiency and operations ease. In RORO, your self-propelled vehicles such as trucks and tractors roll on and off your vessel. This is in contrast to the typical freight loading and unloading process where filled containers are lifted with cranes. It is also possible that goods without self-propelling capabilities are rolled on and off using handling equipment. Given that freight forwarding companies’

What Is A Sea Freight Forwarder?

sea freight forwarder transporting cargo

Sea freight has been and continues to be an integral part of the global supply chain network. According to, an overwhelming 80% of the world’s goods are transported by ships. At the same time, there has been generally a year-on-year expansion of the sea freight industry. While not the quickest, sea freight Introduction to Sea Freight Forwarding Sea freight forwarding involves the use of carrier ships to transport goods filled containers around the world.

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