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What is Project Cargo Shipping?

Project cargo coordination in team

Commonly known as project cargo logistics or project cargo forwarding, project cargo shipping is a highly complex logistics function. In essence, it involves the use of multiple different transport mediums and routes to have complex cargo transported under tight timelines. Due to the sheer complexity, project cargo shipping is often considered a hallmark of the global logistics and shipping industry. What qualifies as project cargo? For starters, the type of freight being transported has to

What Is The Role Of NVOCC?

Coordinating NVOCC operations in port

A Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) is an individual or company that performs all the functions of an ocean carrier without actually owning the vehicles. While they do not operate any ships, NVOCCs provides provide goods, products or equipment delivery services to customers. Functions performed by a NVOCC Essentially, a NVOCC has volume based ocean freight arrangements with shipping companies around the world. These shipping companies own and operate various cargo ships, allowing them to

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