Air Freight is the transportation of goods via an aircraft to and from anywhere globally. This method is typically recommended and most utilised for goods which are for small, light weight, time-sensitive or with high-value.

New Shipping Containers

Shipping via air freight is one of the more popular carrier services for most of the industries due to its many benefits. Some of the benefits are listed as below:

Some of the examples are listed below: 

✔ Flexible Air-Freight Schedules:
Even during the pandemic, Interfreight Linc is still capable of delivering globally as we have very flexible air-freight schedules dedicated for our clients to choose from.

✔ Time Efficient:
As air freight is a faster route as compared to sea freight, air freight will take a shorter time for the goods to reach its destination.

✔ Expertise in Local Customs Clearance Procedure:
We are equipped with a team of experienced individuals in working out with the complicated customs documentation and clearance while you focus on business planning.

Types of Cargo

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